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About Al-Mustafa International University:

Named after the Holy Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.s.), Al-Mustafa International University (MIU) is an independent Hawzavi institution responsible for looking after the needs of non-Iranian Hawza students, and for spreading the teachings of pure Islam around the world.

All non-Iranian Hawza students in Iran are registered as students of this institution. At present about 10 thousand non-Iranian students from nearly 100 countries study at various madrasas managed by or affiliated to MIU in Iran. Additionally thousands of other students study at institutions affiliated to this university in tens of countries around the globe.

In Iran, MIU has its major centers in Qom, Isfahan and Mashhad with smaller centres in Tehran, Qeshm and Gorgan.

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Courses Offered:

Al-Mustafa University offers more than 150 different kinds of courses of Islamic studies in different fields and at different levels to cater the diverse needs of humanity. For example, a short-term Farsi and Basics course (1 year), Bachelor’s program (5 yrs), Master’s program (3 yrs) and a Ph.D program. Fields of specialization for the courses above include: Fiqh, Philosophy, History, Kalam, Economics and many others.

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