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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


Qom is unlike any other city in the entire world.


In 1400 years of Islamic history, never before has something like today’s Qom existed – a city in which more than 70,000 shia students from around the world study and research about Islam at hundreds of madrasas, libraries and research institutions spread over it. Qom is also home to most of the Marjas (h.a.), the highest scholars in the shia hierarchy of learning. Qom has another unique feature too – it is the world’s oldest continuously shia city, with shias having constituted the majority of its population for nearly 1400 years.


Undoubtedly much of Qom’s uniqueness draws upon the existence of the shrine of Hazrat Fatima Ma’suma (s.a.), Imam Raza (a.s.)’s sister who is buried in this city. Her shrine complex is Qom’s living heart and casts an aura of spirituality over the entire city, its centers of learning and its inhabitants.


Qom is located in a desert about 130km south of Iran’s capital Tehran. It is lies on Iran’s main highway and rail networks; an international airport for the city is also under construction. Qom is a medium-sized Iranian city with a population of about 10 lakh. Situated at about 900 metres above sea level, Qom has a dry and extreme climate – the temperature can cross 45 degrees in summer and drop lower than minus 15 degrees in winter.


Qom in Ahadith

Qom also enjoys the pride of being mentioned frequently in our ma’sumeen (a.s.)’s Ahadeeth. Here are some examples:


Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said: “…Then knowledge will appear in a land called Qom. It will become (such) a center of knowledge and merit that not a single person in the entire world will remain unaware about Islam…This will be close to the time of the reappearance of our Qā’im (Imam Mahdī).” [Biharul Anwar, V. 60, p. 213]


He (a.s.) also said:  “If you are afflicted with distress and suffering, you are to resort to Qom because it is the refuge of the Fatimites and the sanctuary of the believers.” [Biharul Anwar, V.60, p.214].


Another saying from him (a.s.): “The ground of Qom is sacred. Its people are from us and we are from them. No arrogant tries to offend them, except that his punishment will be hastened to him…” [Biharul Anwar, V.60, p.218].