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Interview with Ms.A Fatema

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Bismihi Ta’ala

Name: Ms. A Fatema
Education Background: HSC (12th standard)
Hometown: Mahuva, Gujarat
Commenced Hawza studies in: 2013

Q.1. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem.

I belong to a shia family of Mahuva, Gujarat. Right from my childhood I was interested in religious activities and in learning about the rules and regulations of Islam. I always used to enjoy reading about the history of the great Islamic personalities.

I have studied till the 12th Std from Jafari and Fatima English School in my hometown. Also Alhamdolillah, I scored the highest marks among Mahuva’s shia students, and received Excellence Awards for my performance both in the 10th std and in the 12th std.

Q.2. How did you become a Hawza student? (Between 50-100 words only)

A group of shia youth organize Carrier Guidance programs in my hometown; in it they have specialists from different fields, including an Aalim. After my 10th standard exams I attended that event; I asked the Aalim for advice regarding future studies. When I told him that I am interested in studying Islam, he encouraged me and said that this is the best path. Thus I got encouragement, and applied to study at the Hawza.

As Imam Ali (AS), in his description of Islam, said, ‘It is the brightest of all paths, the clearest of all passages, with towering minarets, brightly lit highways and illuminating lamps.’

My prayers are always with the youth who organised that event and for the Aalims who guided me to these Path.

In my struggle I got help from my sweet Mom! May ALLAH bless all our parents, Aameen! There were a few family members who were not happy with my decision at first, but Alhamdolillah after seeing my determination they too agreed.

Q.3. How has your experience as a Hawza student been till now?

I’ve been here for just a few days, and so can’t say much. But Alhamdolillah, during this time I have enjoyed myself. Al Mustafa University gives good facilities to its students.

It feels great to be in this city of knowledge and in the capital city of Islam; it feels wonderful too while going for Ziyarat in Hazrat Masuma’s (s.a.) haram and to receive her blessings!

Then there are students from around 112 countries studying in the Hawza; we get to learn about different societies and cultures and the contribution of each towards Islam.

Q.4. What are your plans for the future?

One of the things we need to make our community strong is a group of people who learn deen and implement it in their lives, and who become role models for others. In the future inshaAllah, I want to become a true follower of AhleBayt (a.s.) and then pass on the things I will learn from Qom, to others.

Also, after returning back to India I would like to work for the spiritual betterment of our community, and to make them aware about the current world situation, and to make them aware about our duties in these times and inshaAllah play a part in preparing a platform for the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.).

Q.5. What advice would you offer to those who are thinking of enrolling at the Hawza?

If someone is thinking to come for Hawza study then he should thank ALLAH that this taufeeq. But I would advise them to take a decision carefully; do not hurry in your decision. Also, before deciding to come, he should be ready to face difficulties which may be encountered in this sacred path.

It happened to me that my admission process took very long and I became a bit nervous about it. But alhamdolillah my relatives encouraged me and reminded me this path of Tabligh is the path of Ambiya (a.s.) and AhleByat (a.s.), so it has some hardships. You have to be ready to face them.

My dear sisters and brothers who want to join the Hawza, fight with Shaytan! Learning about Islam is the path which Allah likes the most, so surely Shaytan will come and try to change your minds about it. And whatever happens, just have complete faith in Allah.

Start making an even greater effort to avoid Gunah from now on, and try to develop spiritually for your new phase of life in which you will have to learn the message of Islam and AhleBayt (a.s.).

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