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Interview with Kumayl HV

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Name: Kumayl HV
Education Background: P.G.D.M.S from London school of Accountancy and Management
Hometown: Mahuva, Gujarat
Commenced Hawza studies in: 2013

Q.1. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem.

I am from Mahuva city in Gujarat. My father works for the State Bank of India. From childhood I was interested in social and religious activities. After my HSC, I moved to London in 2006 where I studied in a part-time MBA course for more than 5 years. I also worked for 4 years as a District Sales Manager for an Energy company there.

Q.2. How did you become a Hawza student?

I was once speaking to a Hawza Student in London about the difficulty and problems faced by our community and he responded by saying: ”If you believe that the present local leadership is not able to deal with the community’s problems in an ideal way, then you don’t have any option other than to try and offer better leadership in the next generation”. I said I prefer to earn money and serve the community with the help of money and management skills, to which he responded with: ”The best service you can do is to continue in the path of the Prophets and Ma’sumeen (a.s.), which is to propagate pure Islam among people.” This made a deep impact on me, so I made up my mind to come to study in the Hawza-e-‘Ilmiya of Qom.

My family was at first shocked when I told them about my decision. For them an Aalim was someone whose activities are limited to being a pesh-Imam in namaz, or reciting Nikah etc. I told them about the other important areas of work that only an Aalim can perform, and Alhamdolillah, I succeeded in convincing them.

Q.3. How has your experience as a Hawza student been till now?
Alhamdolillah, so far it has been excellent; I was expecting more difficulty but the service of Al-Mustafa International University has been excellent. It feels great to live in the Islamic Republic and in the City of knowledge, in the Capital City of Islam in the current age. Qom is the city of great ulema and servants of Ahlebayt (a.s.). Also, I feel blessed to be so near the shrine of Hazrat Ma’suma (s.a.).

Even though it has been just a few months, I feel my understanding of Islam and today’s world has increased since I came here. I was not expecting this to happen in the field of Social awareness, as I used to think that in Qom we can only learn Islamic knowledge; but I have seen that we can develop our understanding of the world around us too.

Also, I love to meet different people and enjoy studying their cultures and ways of life. For this too I find the Hawza to be the best place as it has students from around 112 countries.

Q.4. What are your plans for the future?
In the future I hope to see myself as a true follower of AhleBayt (a.s.). After purifying myself, I would like to propagate Pure Islam among others, and to undertake social development projects.

Q.5. What advice would you offer to those who are thinking of enrolling at the Hawza?
If someone is thinking about joining the Hawza, then he should thank Allah (swt) for this Tawfeeq to even think about it. If he decides to enrol, then He (swt) will surely help him. But before making decision he should think over all aspects of it, and make sure his family (esp. parents and spouse) support him in this noble cause.

Also, he should keep in mind that this is the path of the Anbiya (a.s.) and Masumeen (a.s.), so it also has some hardships which one should be ready to face. If you have made up your mind to come to Hawza, then start preparing yourself spiritually by avoiding all Gunah and by performing all Wajibat on time, along with learning Farsi or Arabic if possible.

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