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FAQ – Living in Iran

  1. 1.      What is the climate like there?

Iran is well known as a land of four seasons. Generally speaking, those living in Iran witness a pleasant spring, a hot summer, a chilly autumn and a freezing winter. The maximum temperatures in summer go can cross 45 degrees in Qom and in winter can dip to as low as minus 15 degrees. Summers in Mashhad and Esfahan are less severe.


  1. 2.      How is the security situation in Iran?

Iran is considered to be one of the safest places to live in the world. It has a much lower level of crime than what we are used to in India.


  1. 3.      What are health facilities like there?

Medical insurance is provided to every student and his family. With this, good quality medical care in Iran is much cheaper than in India.


  1. 4.      I have heard that unmarried students are forced into marriage by the Hawza after some time. Is this true?

This is not true.


  1. 5.      Is it compulsory for my wife to study if she accompanies me to Iran?


No, it is not. It’s up to you’ll to decide. Though we strongly recommend that everyone at least enroll for a minimum of 1 year at the Hawza; this allows them to at least pick up Farsi.



  1. 6.      What is the standard of schooling in Iran?


Generally speaking, the quality of schools and schooling in Iran is superior to that in India. Here government schools (nearly free) are of good quality, and some of the private schools are of exceptionally good quality. The curriculum is interesting and challenging and there is an emphasis on Islamic tarbiyat too. However the medium of instruction is in Farsi.


  1. 7.      Are there English-medium schools in Iran?


There are nearly no English medium schools in Qom, Mashhad and Esfahan. Qom has a Lebanese-run school that offers a mixed Arabic-English curriculum. A few other schools have also started in Qom up with an English-language curriculum; however, in our opinion they have yet to stabilize sufficiently for us to be able to recommend them.



  1. 8.      What can I do to ensure that my child learns English while growing up in Iran?


At present, it seems that the best option is for parents to make an extra effort to make sure their children develop some proficiency in the language.