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Ayatullah Abulqasim Al-Khoei

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In the Name of Almighty.


Ayatullah Khoei (ra) was born in Azerbaijan, Iran 15 Rajab 1317 H. / 1899 A. D. and passed away in Najaf Al-Ashraf, Iraq on 8 Safar 1412 A.H.(August 8, 1992).

He educated in the established traditional way of Shia Theology by well known jurists and joined the world-renown theological institution in the holy city of Najaf Al-Ashraf in 1912, the year he migrated from Iran.

At an early age, he attained the degree of ijtihad. He is considered as the architect of a distinct school of thought in the principles of jurisprudence and Islamic law, and one of the leading exponents of ‘kalam’- scholastic theology- and ‘rijal’- study of the biographies of transmitters of ahadith, the Prophetic traditions, ‘fiqh’- jurisprudence- and ‘tafseer’- exegesis of The Holy Qur’an. His interests included astronomy, maths, and philosophy.

He was a prolific writer in the aforesaid disciplines and wrote 37 books and treatises, most of which have been published. His works include:

– Lectures in the Principles of Jurisprudence – 10 volumes.
– Biographies of Narrators of Tradition – 24 volumes.
– Islamic Law – 18 volumes.
– Al-Bayan fi tafsir al-Qur’an (The Elucidation of the Exegesis of The Qur’an).
– Minhaju-us-Saliheen (The Path of the Righteous) – 2 volumes, reprinted 78 times (guide book on religious practice and law).
– Anthology of Religious Questions – Concise version of the Path of the Righteous – in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, English, Turkish, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, and Gujarati.
– Mabani al-Istinbat ( Edifices of Deduction) Principles of Jurisprudence.
– Ajwad-at-Taqrirat (The Best of Regulations) Principles of Jurisprudence.
– Sharh-el-Urwatul-Wuthqa (Commentary on The Steadfast Handle) – Jurisprudence.
– Treatise on Suspected Attire – Risala fil Libas Al-Mashkok,
– Evidential Jurisprudence.
– Nafahat-ul Ijaz ( the Fragrance of Miracles ), in defense of The Noble Qur’an.

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