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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


Welcome to the Blog of StudyinHawza.

This blog exists to provide information and guidance to Indians thinking of enrolling at the Islamic Seminary (the Hawza) in Qom, Iran.

I remember meeting some of my cousins and work friends after a couple of years of study at Hawza. However let me tell you my decision to study at Hawza, quitting my well paid job with a good position came as a shock to a lot of friends and family, but they never got a chance to talk to me about it.

So when I met them after a couple of years of study at Hawza, everybody was curious to know everything, and most of their questions ended with exclamation marks WHAT!!!! WHY!!!! HOW!!! and so on.

Some of the questions were, “how long do you plan to study?”, “and anyways what’s there to study at Hawza? The most they teach you is how to recite Nama-e-Janaza, Namaz-e-Jummah, Nikah and few more things here and there.”

Well the reality is quite different.

I came to Hawza with a lot questions about God and Prophets etc… What interested me the most was the fact that the Hawza has a well-designed Curriculum

To start with there is a six month Farsi course and another six months of basics of Islam. Then we moved on to the actual studies.

Now after spending FIVE solid years in the Hawza  I realized that, Hawza Studies is not a cakewalk. It is serious, important and deep study. It would take more if not the same amount of effort that one would put in to study at an Engineering college or for IT or for any other secular course.

On the other side the Hawza has an upper hand over all these other secular studies,

1)      It is for seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt)

2)      It is a means to gain spiritual proximity to Allah (swt) SWT and Ahlulbayt (as)

3)      It brings the sense of responsibility of being a Muslim; being a Muslim we have a lot of responsibility towards oneself, towards our family, our society, our religion and the whole Ummah.

4)      The structured approach of Hawza not only delivers knowledge, but also teaches us how to derive knowledge from sources that are abundantly overflowing with it like the Holy Quran and Hadith.

They teach you the methods of structured thinking.

They teach you how to avoid flawed thinking.

They teach you Arabic grammar to be able to precisely understand the words of Allah (swt) and the Ahlulbayt (as).

They give you the tools that will safe guard you from faltering while deriving the hidden knowledge from the Holy Book and Hadith, and there are a million other things to say about the Hawza program.

However the most important thing that I realized about the Hawza program is that it’s The Call of Imam Hussain “Hal min Naserin…

Today Islam needs smart, intellectual, hardworking and dedicated people to go deep into it and bring forth fountains of knowledge from it and quench the thirst of the people. The ever-longing thirst to know and understand the TRUE Islam-e-Naab-e-Muhammadi (saws).

Today we need those dedicated shias who are willing to spend hours and hours every day trying to understand the words of guidance and light (NOOR) that our Ahlulbayt (as) have left behind. The NOOR that will guide us to Allah (swt), The NOOR that will lead us to the eternal abode of Heavens.

We know you might be asking yourself “Am I a right fit for Hawza?

We would say first spend a little time and try and understand what is Hawza?

Then go through the curriculum; remember initially things may not seem all clear. However if you know deep down inside your heart that you are answering the Call of Imam Hussain (as), then deep down inside your heart you also know that the Ahlulbayt (as) and Allah (awj)) will guide you to Siratul-Mustaqeem (some interviews).

It would be a good idea to read the interviews of some of the students who decided to answer the call of Imam Hussain (AS) and the call of Imam-e-Zamana (atfs) to serve Islam. Some of them even left their jobs, high positions, great salaries and all that stuff. In return they’ve earned the pleasure of Imam (atfs) and abundant favors of Akhirat from Allah (awj)

We are sure you have other questions like how will I manage my finances there etc. You can refer to the section Managing Finances’, ‘Life at Hawza’ and FAQ’s.

We hope and pray to Allah (awj) that may He increase the number of dedicated servants of Imam (atfs). May He (awj) fill the hearts of our youths with the love to serve Islam, May He (awj) help them take the right decision… InshAllah


Hawza Student

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